Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Interview with Honduras Students

On Thursday, April 18, 2013 I was interviewed along with my brother by Mrs. Mojica's 4th grade class from Honduras via Skype.

My brother, Josh, was scheduled to interview with Mrs. Mojica's class about his book, Detective Stephy Wephy Holmes and the Missing Cake. I was helping with the camera and computer when one of the students asked if he had a brother, a twin brother named Jared. He answered that he did and that I was in the room helping with the interview. The kids had read Sandy's Dream and created a display of Sandy's Dream. They were very excited to interview us both.

The students and my brother and I were both thrilled for the interview and slightly nervous :) The questions were great and the reactions were priceless. Mrs. Mojica sent us letters and compositions from the students. I can't tell you how honored and inspired from this experience. Truly something I won't forget.

My brother and I mailed the class a copy of our books autographed for their library.

Thanks you Joanna Mojica for making this possible and being a truly remarkable teacher. She is inspiring her students to follow their dreams. Below are pictures from the students.

The students from Honduras presentations about Sandy's Dream.

Lucia and Samantha with Lucia's parents

Lucia and Samantha. Such an awesome display and a great class!

  Lucia and Samantha. Such an awesome display and a great class!

 This is a letter from Carla about her experience with the interview. I think I was inspired more than the kids.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Welcome to Sandy's Dream

Welcome to the blog of Sandy's Dream (children's picture book). It's a blog dedicated the character Sandy, from Sandy's Dream.

Sandy's first adventure is the story about Sandy dreaming of one day, becoming a doctor. All the boys laughed at her and said, "girls can't be doctors." The neighborhood kids visited an older neighborhood couple they called Grandpa and Grandma. One morning, the kids discovered that Grandpa was sick. To Sandy's surprise there was a woman doctor at the hospital, helping Grandpa.

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